[Amazon] (합배용) 휴대용 타이어 공기주입기 ($12.99/미국내무료)

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(합배용) 휴대용 타이어 공기주입기 타이어 바람이 빠졌을땐 카센터에 가야돼용. 쿠폰코드 DTTXF7T2 Acekool (Upgraded Version) Portable Tire Inflator,Auto Digital Air Compressor Tire Inflator,12V Tire Pump with HD Dual Display,SOS/Strobe LED Light,3 Nozzle Adapters and Carrying Bag (150PSI)Features:3 M wire length- Long enough for different positions of your tires.Flashlight Mode- Give you emergency service when you are in darkness.3 Nozzle Adaptors- Inflate air for cars, ball games, swimming rings ,air cushion,basketball etc.2 Wires for your usage- Electric cable plugs into the car cigarette lighter,the pneumatic tube to connect tire nozzle.Auto shut off at a desired pressure which prevents over inflation for tires. Simply set the desired pressure level by holding + or - button.Four display units for easy reading: PSI, KPA and BAR, KG/CM.Convenience 12V cigarette lighter plug power source which means you can inflate your tires on road.

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